Friday, March 4, 2011


'Today I will commence my journey unencumbered with either the weight of unnecessary knowledge or the handicap of meaningless experience'

I have sat with this saying for months rethinking what it really means. How can any knowledge be unnecessary? Is knowledge not power? Does that not mean the the more knowledge you have the more powerful you are? To 'know' is to have special powers over your opponent. To have the upper hand in a conversation is to have more knowledge then the other person. Right?

I have always lived in the know. To know was my power. To know things was how I gained control over my surroundings. I always inspire to be like those book smart people that have an answer for everything. I also love the ability to manipulate the people around me because I 'know' how to proceed to get my way.

My knowing ran deep when it comes to the way people act, why they act the way they do and how they will react to certain situations. So why would I ever want to proceed without that knowledge? How do you determine which knowledge is unnecessary?

And Experience.. isn't the action of knowledge just this? The lessons we take away from our experiences are crucial to our futures are they not? How is one to leave experience behind, and why would you want to? To ignore your experiences and not learn from them would lead to a reliving of old patterns, would it not?

Like I said earlier I have been chewing alot on this phrase from one of my thought re-patterning books, 'The Worlds Greatest Salesman'. Contemplating what that means as i begin my new life. A life where I want to stop the insanity and begin living in a new way. A way that I have never tried before.

Aha, and there in lies my answer. A way I have never tried before.

Bringing along experiences from the past are irrelevant when it comes to creating a new life. I got hung up for a few months on the idea that I needed my past experiences to show me what I Don't want to create within this life, but I now understand what that does. By focusing on what I dont want I am unable to focus on what I do want. So to pull the past into my future does one of two things...

Focusing on my past experiences, keeps me totally stagnant, unable to move into my future for the spinning wheels are stuck in the mud of what I dont want. Thats where I have been for several months now, the second thing that happens is you keep repeating your past just in new ways.

We are so smart and strong that when we bring the past into the future we will recreate it in a way that is so completely new that we may not even recognize it as repeating a pattern. This is when your friends begin to annoy you because they can see your cycle but you cannot relate because your mind is so focussed on a new life based on your old experiences. Thats a pretty shaky foundation dont you think?

So letting go of old experiences that are completely meaningless in this new life is an absolute must if you are to begin and create something that is better then anything you had imagined for yourself in the past.

What about knowledge however? I worked hard at training my brain with knowledge to get myself ahead in this age of information, I dont want to give that up.

Have you ever heard the term ignorance is bliss? Do you understand it? I didn't for a long time. I do now. Sometimes knowledge is not good for us. Sometimes knowing things that we weren't meant to know is better for us. Knowledge can and does hurt many people. A lot of unnecessary hurt comes from the abuse of knowledge. That weight can impede the trek of our new life.

Knowledge of past hurts hold us back. Insanity is defined by doing the same thing and expecting different results. Knowledge holds us here because we think that if we just learn more and outsmart the situation we will beat it. Most times this is not true when it comes to our life lessons.

Sometimes knowing something takes away from the intuition you feel. Living in your head while moving into your new life will keep you locked into your limited knowledge of what you future can be. Knowledge will also instill you with fear over what can be if you miss step something in your new life. thus preventing you from taking any steps forward or from taking steps into the unknown.

Thats really what it boils down to doesn't it? Knowledge will keep you from experiencing what is unknown, because you lack the book words as a guide through the darkness. Again as in experience keeping you stuck and spinning your wheels in the muck.

Today I begin a new life and I will not let the weight of unnecessary knowledge of how my life is suppose to look and the handicap of meaningless experience hold me back from creating something beyond my wildest imaginings. I will no longer recreate my patterns and for the first time in my life I will walk into my future unaware of what the universe has to teach me.

I will no longer pre study and be the keener in the front row thinking she has all the answers. I will be the kid that runs in with just a pen and paper and asks alot of questions. I will be the kid that volunteers the answers when I know I am wrong and let humility teach me what is right, I will be the first to help the teacher demonstrate the solution and I will stay late to understand on a deeper level what the lesson was about. Then I will rush out of that class and forget it all by the next class!!

I will act in my new life as appose to read and experience as a spectator.... I will become the actor!

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